Our first video game is now
in Production.

Join our adventure through the Pipeline Between Worlds.


Welcome to the exciting beginnings of Silverwater Studios in the dynamic world of independent game production. With unwavering enthusiasm and determination, we are thrilled to introduce our debut creation, "The Pipeline Between Worlds," which marks our entry into the ever-evolving gaming industry.

Unveiling "The Pipeline between Worlds"

Raymond's inspiration to embark on the journey of creating a video game was sparked while watching a YouTuber craft their very own open-world gaming experience. Witnessing the inception of AdvancedNine's Night Stones through its DevLog and the triumphant Kickstarter campaign served as a pivotal moment for Raymond. His vision for our game's distinctive cel-shading art style drew influence from Night Stones, A Short Hike, and the timeless classic, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Choosing the Right Tools

Given that this venture is deeply personal to us, we sought to work within our comfort zone and opted for Blender as our primary tool. Regrettably, Blender no longer includes an integrated game engine. However, various communities have developed game engines that seamlessly integrate with Blender, such as UPBGE. After careful consideration, we selected the Armory3D Game Engine due to its unique licensing model, aligning perfectly with our project's goals.

Development Logs: A Monthly Glimpse into Progress

Our commitment to transparency and sharing our journey with you is evident in our monthly DevLog releases. On the first Saturday of every month, we will provide a glimpse into the latest developments of our game. These DevLogs will not only showcase our progress but also delve into the challenges faced and lessons learned during the process of bringing our first video game to life.


January 2024 DevLog:

Coming out on January 6, 2024


Next DevLog coming out on February 3, 2024.